Adam Paol Seagram Art & Awareness

Welcome to my artwork pages. I am honored to have you check out the paintings. Each was created out of a vision or a feeling that felt compellded to do.  please enjoy.  

To view a larger image and for more information regarding the piece, please see our Contact Page.


Golden Rise - An original work of art by Paol Seagram

ECLPSE  44x40 acrylic on raw free form industrial canvas



acrylic on wood high glaze 24x24

Orange Palms 

dyptic 2x 39x46

 Cosmic Circles

VIDEOT 46x46 free form industrial canvas
              VIDEOT free form 
          industrial canvas 46x46


Underwater Bliss 

 Astro Geo

Astro geo

Geo Astrix 

The Sound of Creation 


Abundari The Deeper Flow 


tryptic high glaze 24x48 each 

balmy nites 42x42

balmy nights 42x42

free form industrial canvas

FLOW 24x48 acrylic on stretched canvas high glaze

 FLOW 24X48 acrylic on stretched canvas high bubble glaze

 (C) Copyright 2010. Paol Seagram. All Rights Reserved.

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